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The Spokesman Weekly Vol. 29 No. 49 August 4, 1980

The Vol. 29 No. 49 August 4, 1980, issue of The Spokesman Weekly contains:

Criminals Hold The Nation In Terror: Murders, Rapes And Dacoities On The Increase

Misgivings About -New Proposal On Judiciary: Need For Healthy Norms And Strict Adherence To Them

Incidence of Crime Against Women: Justice. Bhagwati Against Keeping Women In Police Custody

Punjab Ministers To Hear Grievances

Olympic Hockey Champion After 16 Long Years

G.S. Dhillon New Envoy To Canada

Befitting Tribute To A Martyr

Dr. K. Kirpal Singh Elected IAOH Vice President

Factional Fight
Stab Or Duty?

Sri Guru Har Krishan: The Precocious Genius by Sardar Pritam Singh

Guru Har Krishan: Whose Vision Of Personality Removes All Pains
by: Prof. Surjit Singh Gandhi

Pleasures Of Reading Bhai Vir Singh by: Lt. Col. J ,S. Guleria (Retd)

Impressions Of A Farmer About Minimum Tillage by: Dr. Kartar Singh Chela

A Red Red by: Sardar J.S. Kohli

Is Haryana Heading For A Mid-Term Poll? Rival Parties Mobolising Their Forces by: Sardar Gurmit Singh, Advocate

Condolence On Sanjay Gandhi’s Death

Agitation Against Rape In Dabwali

Good Fighting Soldiers by Lt. Col. Gulcharan Singh (Retd)
The Satyarth Prakash by Ganda Singh, Lower Mall, Patiala
Forced Sterilization by (Subedar) Sant Singh (Retd.) Agra
Birthday Of Maharaja Ranjit Singh by Ganda Singh, Lower Mall, Patiala
Industrial Peace by Malvinder Singh, Simla

Gurdev Singh Commission Of Enquiry: Favouritism And Irregularity Shown In Certain Appointments
Maharaja Ranjit Singh’s 200th Birthday

PAU Scientist Impresses Foreign Scientists

Sikh Appointed U.K. Rail Manager

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