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The Spokesman Weekly Vol. 34 No. 20 January 14, 1985

The Spokesman Weekly Vol. 34 No. 20 January 14, 1985, issue contains:

Three-man ministerial panel on Punjab delaying tactics: Much depends on Rajiv Gandhi’s own views

Sikhs Being Maligned Unnecessarily On Khalistan Issue: They simply want more state autonomy within Indian Union

Demand For Special Status For Sikhs Not Unconstitutional: Already such provisions for other communities and states

THE SPOKESMAN WEEKLY THIRTY YEARS AGO: January 12, 1955: Akali Dal demands judicial enquiry

Sikh Psyche

Deliverance Of The Forty

Foundation of Harimandir Sahib by Dr. Madanjit Kaur

Sikhs will always have a bright future: A message of ‘Chardikala’ for 1985 by Sardar Bhagwant Singh Dalawari

Real Causes of Hindu-Sikh Cleavage: Singh Sabha-A Sikh Puritan Movement by Sardar Partap Singh, Secretary, Kendri Singh Sabha, New Delhi

Probe into carnage and pillage of Sikhs
Holding society to ransom
Civil rights in a democracy
Cutting off head to cure a headache
Punjab back in the news

Panel On Punjab Tangle by Sardar Bharpur Singh, Chandigarh

Impact of the Electricity Agreement

India’s need for updated technology
BEYOND SURVIVAL: Emerging Dimensions of Indian Economy, by Pranab Mukherjee; reviewed by Sangat Singh

Eat your happy way to slimming
COUNT YOUR CALORIES by Smiti Munwani and Indra Khosla; reviewed by J.S. Bright

China allows the rebirth of some private corporations by Vigor Fung

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