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The Forum Gazette Vol. 1 No. 12 & 13 November 16 - December 15, 1986

The Forum Gazette Vol. 1 No. 12 & 13 November 16 - December 15, 1986 issue contains:-

Government Misusing Sedition Charge, Anti-Terrorist Act by Baljit Malik
Press Council Summons Girilal Jain: Communal writing in the Dock,
A Gazette News Service Report by Harji Malik

A Word to Rajender Mathur by Amrik Singh

A Beggar’s Bowl by Bhai Vir Singh

Communalism in Action: The Shiv Sena Phenomenon, A Gazette News Service Report by Brijender S. Panwar from Bombay

‘Nation in Danger’ Obsession Threatens Social and Cultural Diversity: Calcutta Convention For Checking Communal Virus by Gazette News Service

Urdu Weekly Editor Arrested: Government Bid to Harass Minority/Alternative Voices by Gazette News Service
“An Act of Foolishness” Says Shahid Siddiqui

New Patterns of Communal Tension by Inder Mohan

Continuing Blight of Majority Chauvinism by Jaya Jaitly

A Long March To Nowhere by Dona Suri

Rajya Sabha Discusses Punjab by Gazette News Service

Factional Extremism at Manji Sahib From Harbir Singh Bhanwar in Amritsar

Overseas Sikh Spokesman Calls for Dialogue on Punjab: Rejects Direct Role For Sikhs Abroad by Satindra Singh in Washington

IS THIS SEDITIOUS?: An excerpt from Harji Malik’s article, A Punjab Report, in the Economic and Political Weekly

What Constitutes Sedition?: Lawyer Indira Jaising on the definition of the term ‘sedition’ in the journal, The Lawyers

The Military View: Military Chief PRO Commander H M Gori’s letter refuting points raised in Malik’s article

This Too Will Pass by Sagri Ramdas

Edit: The Charge Is Sedition!
Journalism of a third kind*-1 by Patwant Singh

This is Tihar!

Implications of Arun Shourie by Balraj Puri

Guru Nanak And His Mission by Satindra Singh
Religion And The Sikh Elite by Harish K. Puri

DHAMMAK DHUM: Another Approach to Writing for Children

Begum Akhtar Lives For Ever by Avtar Singh Judge

Grandma Is Out In The Sun by Devinder
Revolution, Theatre and Bhagat Singh’s Writings by Renu Govil

Most U.K. Sikhs Against Khalistan says I.K. Gujral
Most Sikhs Abroad For Khalistan says Satindra Singh


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