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The Forum Gazette Vol. 2 Nos. 10 & 11 May 20-June 19, 1987

The Forum Gazette Vol. 2 Nos. 10 & 11 May 20-June 19, 1987 contains:-
Eradi Tribunal: Award Of Convenience
The Communal Virus by I. K. Gujral

Media Watch
How the Press Covered Meerut Riots
Danger Signals

Fortnight Focus
The Trail of a Blunder: Operation Bluestar by G. S. Sandhu

The battle for Haryana by N. L. Madan
Haryana: Who is going to win?

Federalism In India: States As Homelands by Dr. K.S. Gill

International Roundup
The Iran Iraq War: Challenge To The Third World

Dowry Deaths

Legal Aid Programme in India: How to make it effective? by S.N.Talwar

The Latest From Doon Valley by Navin Nautiyal
On Returning Home To Corbett's Unexposed Haunts by Derek Wodehouse

The Unfolding Strategy
A Year Later

Issues Before The Eradi Tribunal by P.P. Rao

How Communal Violence Disrupts Livelihood by Bharat Dogra and Manishi Jani

This Fortnight's Story
Study Room by Kusum Ansal

Reviews and Reflections
Bold & Forthright: The Delhi Riots' Three Days in the life of a Nation by Uma Chakravorty and Nandita Haksar; book review by Amrik Singh
Extracts Delhi Riots

Post Script

Spot Light
Sri Lanka's Ethnic Strife by Karan Sawhny


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