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The Forum Gazette Vol. 1 No. 11 November 1-15, 1986

The Forum Gazette Vol. I No. 11, November 1-15, 1986, issue contains:

Delhi Sikhs Face Charges for ’84 Violence: Real Culprits Still Roaming Scot-free, A Gazette News Service Report by Lakhinder Vohra

Victims of 1984 Rebuild Lives With Pride, Dignity and Tenacity: But. .. Tension, Insecurity, Official Apathy Hinder Normalcy by Gazette Correspondents

NATIONAL PRIDE AND SPORT: Is the press justified in writing about India’s poor performance at the Asian Games as a national humiliation? by Preminder Singh

Face To Face with Delhi’s Police Commissioner; Harji Malik Interviews Ved Marwah
Punjab Police infiltrated by Harbir Singh Bhanwer
A Religious Initiative in Punjab; Lakhinder Vohra interviews Bhakti Chaitanya Swami Guru of Punjab Peace Council
If Time Alone Could Heal by Kuldip Nayar

The Bitter Truth of ‘Karva Chauth’ by Kamla Bhasin
Answer Me, Answer Me My City by Arpana Caur
Vivan Sundram Explains ‘Black Arena’ and Reflects on November ’86

The Balance Sheet is Red
Recalling November by Rajni Kothari
Shock ... and Agreement by Rajeev Sethi, New Delhi

Two Women Bag Alternative Nobel Prize: Right Livelihood Awards for Dangers of Nuclear Radiation by Gazette News Service

Haryana Landowners Depriving the Poor of Community Land by Mukul - N.F.S. INDIA

What Sikh Humour is All About by Khushwant Singh
And the Meanings Behind Sikh Names by Khushwant Singh
More Equal by Dalip Singh
A Tribute to A Tree of Life by Srimati Lal

Death, where is thy sting? by Ajeet Cour

TN Government Conspiring to Embarrass Kodai Sub-Collector? by Sadanand Menon

The Children of 1984: An Insight into Their Life and Minds; Can they Look Forward to a Better Tomorrow? By Nandika Jaitly

OUR LIVES; OUR  TIMES: Three young Delhi students describe their lives, their fears and hopes.

THE FORGOTTEN ONES: A Poem by Veena Raghavan

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