Sunday, 20 October 2013

2. The Khalsa or the Elect (Does the Supreme Being exist? What does modern science say?)

2. Does the Supreme Being Exist?
What Does Modern Science Say?

But I can see that some among you ‘TIAR BAR TIAR,’ ever ready, and I can feel the diffidence, you failing heart and your somewhat skeptic thoughts and gestures. Some of you have imbibed too much the God-less training that we get in many of our schools and colleges, or who are wholly enamoured of science which does not posit the Supreme Being will be already agnostic, if not purely atheistical. But I know at the same time that the heart of Sikhism is sound. I can read the wavering hearts of those few who have been caught in the whirlpool of materialism, for am I not young like you, who has sinned and erred, and who has therefore passed through the Vale of Tears through which some of you may pass. I know you for I am somewhat of that Saul who turned into Paul and I say this to empasise my weakness not strength. The scientific atmosphere is decidedly choking for the theists. Each age has its own good points as also its weak points, and the greater the light, the darker the shadow it casts. Luminous as are the achievements of science: its telegraphs, telephones, broadcasting stations, aeroplanes, X-rays, cosmic rays and what not, yet the same luminosity is instrumental in casting a dark shadow, deep umbra on the face of the Supreme Being. In common with other scientists, other budding scientists may have your own misgivings but I am here to brush aside for although I was sucked by science yet as I was nurtured by Nanak and, therefore, know what alone science would never tell you. I will not trot out before you old threadbare arguments about the existence of the Supreme Being for in these days of fashion you want fashionable arguments to pass muster, or else they are discounted. I will, therefore, work up from the domain of science, not from that of religion, and give you three arguments which appeal most to my heart. These arguments are taken from widely different spheres, from the heavens above, from the earth spread before our eyes, and from that underworld of dark forces which the fine eye of the microscope or the ultra-microscope alone reveals. Take each separately in the order given above.