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The Khalsa or the Elect (Conclusion.)

3.   Conclusion.

In conclusion, I must tell you that great as are your privileges, as sons of the Gurus, yet greater are your duties and responsibilities. Youngmen, all the world over, are the backbone of any nation. It is on you that the burden of future will rest. I want you, therefore, to be up and doing, to bestir yourself for the great task that is ahead, ie., the evangelisation of the whole world. You have to translate you holy scriptures and broadcast them, you have to write and re-write your history each page of which his written with blue blood of our ancestors such as Bhai Mani Singh and Taru Singh shed, the Great Guru expects you to soar up from the dust and dirth of earth until you are verily like his Khalsa i.e., unadulterated. I do not want you to be torch-bearers of light only but to go a step further and become yourself torches of light which burn and burn without fuel or consumption, radium-like, sun-like from age to age, to eternity. I want you to strike the fire of Nam for when that fire is aroused, it doth not die. Enrobed in that light, you will no longer be of earth, but unearthly, yea, you will be verily transfigured on the Mt. Sinai. I do not want you to smother your ego, as the Hathyogi’s do, but I want you to outgrow yourself, express your personality until it overflows and envelopes the whole. I want you to become good citizens loving fathers, good patriots, serving doctors, keen scientists, but above all I want you to be true sons of the Guru. A time will come when the pageant of this earth will be dissolved, when the sky scrappers which we build with so much care will become other Towers of Babel, when the Himalayas will sink and be engulfed into the ocean where the moon will cease to shine and the sun will cease to warm, when the heavens will be crumples like paper and thrown into the waste  paper basket, when man and bird and beast, yea even the gods will be no more, then all be naught but the KHALSA WILL YET LIVE for has it not doffed the Nectar of Immortality — the Amrit of the Sat Guru!


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