Sunday, 20 October 2013

The Khalsa or the Elect (Our Ten Gurus, and the Guru-impersonal: Guru Granth.)

3.   Our ten Gurus and the Guru-impersonal.

Youngmen! , you are lucky, you have had not one Master but ten; they were ten to ring out of you all chords of symphony, so that not one may remain untouched, you are lucky. Your gods are not half-mythical, half-real, half-shadowy figures, such as others have, but they were true God-men who walked on this solid earth, who walked with us, worked with us with their own hands, who ached as we ache, who thrilled as we do, and who were withal not of the earth as they transcended the earth, being one with Nam. No one say about out Guru Nanak, our Guru Gobind Singh, as H.G. Wells says about Christ “The Christians Christ is too fine for me, not incarnate enough, not flesh enough, not earth enough” ! I do not hold the same opinion of Christ as Wells holds, for I have reverence for all prophets. I love my Gurus most for they are so lovely that they would not disdain even the dingy cabin of my soul. They speak to me in the touch in which my mother spoke, they speak to me not in the court-language of reason, but the heart-language of love, they do not dodge me or beat me about the bush by parables, allegories or hyperboles, but they give me the truth, the whole truth and nothing but truth! I repeat what I said once before that Guru Granth is the common Bible of the world come into its own, the world grown up into adolescence, for here, at last all veils, all symbols, all myths are thrown aside, discarded and we meet the holy Isis, Minerva or Saraswati by whatever name you call her, face to face, all unveiled! Brethren believe me for what I say is true, others have the gilded coin, you have got the gold, others have nut but you have the kernel, others have essence but you have the very Quintessence: the Nam. All glory unto the Gurus who turned this land of Five Rivers into Sachkhand, who ushered the golden age in the Kal Yug. Youngmen! you are crusaders of the spirit, yea are of Waheguru and victory is of the Deathless one.

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