Sunday, 20 October 2013

The Khalsa or the Elect (HOLD FAST.)

3.   Hold Fast.

I invite you to chant Sat Sri Akal again and again in the morning and in the evening when you get up from the bed and when you retire for sleep, when you begin your deliberations and when you end them for Sat Sri Akal, (True is the timeless-one) is the holiest of all exclamations. It comes from the heart and goes straight to the heart; it reverberates to the very depth of heaven and penetrates the cloud carrying us to the Fatherland Beyond. Brethren, stand fast, and I assure you that the Khalsa shall conquer the forces of evil and unrighteousness and plant the Akal banner in all corners of the earth for this prophecy * that was made centuries ago is already becoming true and the might of the Khalsa is already felt much in France as on the Indian Frontier. In this march onward, in this ceaseless conflict, our deathless Guru is Guru Granth for therein lies the accumulated treasure of all ages, the Nectar of immortality. If you are true to the Guru, the Guru will never turn His back on you.