Sunday, 20 October 2013

The Khalsa or the Elect (The wonders of embryology.)

III. The wonders of embryology.

     Thirdly come to the microscopic world and consider some of its marvels which patient scientific research has revealed to our eyes. Take the process of pro-creation. Do you consider that the process is simple and the matter ends when the married couple ends its embrace. If you think so, you are mistaken, for it is just then that the embryo with all its marvels stirs up. I will not bother you with unnecessary details, but consider what happens when the male gamete fertilizes the female spore; the nucleus of this cell coalesces with the nucleus of that cell, and then there is a thrill, a ferment all over the new cell. If you see with the microscope, you will see a two sided spindle set up in the heart of the cell. On each side of the spindle there is an attracting centre, two opposite centres in all, and from these centres fibrile rays are arrayed like little warps in a khadi-machine. This is not all. Inside the rays, and equi-distant from the two centres are U, shaped-rings (called chromosomes) which move back-ward and forward under the impulse of new-fangled life. See how these rings first divide into two each and when this is done the building bricks are duplicated; similarly they are quadrupled, and in this way millions of little bricks, we call cells, are made, each as exact replicas of the first cell, for do not the uncanny chromosomes play the fairy-role of well matched fission. The two attracting centres are somewhat like the pole-star in the northern hemisphere, and the Agastya (canopus) star, in the southern hemisphere, and in between them, there are a number of little rings of forces which play weird witch’s dance, even as they do in the play of Macbeth! You have only to turn the eye of microscope on these wonders of embryology when you cannot help coming to the conclusion that the same hidden-power which rules the heavens above also rules the tiny cells of which all mankind is made, yea, this power rules dead matter also, for there again you have the same differentiation into 2 camps, the positive electricity on one side like Pandos of old, and the teeming rings of negative electrons, like Kauros, on the other, with here and there Neutrons as No-man’s-Land in between. Whenever you see, and whatever you see up, above, or down below, in or in the microcosm, you will find the same invisible, impalpable, yet none the less same pulsating power, the Nirankar for He is.