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Bhai Sher Singh (MSc) Kashmir's August 6, 1928, letter to Bhagat Lakshman Singh

Camp, Via Doda, Jammu,

My dear and revered Sirdar je,

I trust this will find you in the enjoyment of very best health and I trust you have received my last letter.
Without awaiting your reply, I feel compelled to communicate today’s experience as it was out-of-the-ordinary and I experienced it for the first time in my life. I am communicating the experience to you just at its termination so that it does not lose in novelty or freshness. It was with great diffidence that I communicated you my last experience of the Anhad Shabd ------the Unending Celestial Music, of which there are numerous references in the Adi-Granth. This experience suddenly burst itself on my consciousness during the course of my writing the Commentary on the Sri Japji his Song Celestial has ever since been my blessed companion and solace at all hours of day and night. Even when I wake up from dreamless sleep, I find the Anahad Shabd reverberating in my ears and chanting the blessed Gur-Mantar of SATNAM. This is however, a matter of the past.
Today, when I returned from my forest outdoor duty and took myself to the bed, I was engrossed, as usual, in the Shabd, I had quite a transcendental experience which was as follows:
The melody and the reverberations of the shabd gained in pitch and I felt as if I was hearing the kirtan Dhad sarangi ........ this lasted for over half an hour, when the scene suddenly changed and my shut eye, as it was, was over-flooded with light. I almost felt as if the sun had burst and flooded my eyelids and gained an entrance in the inner horizon of the mind. Simultaneously therewith, there ran an ecstatic tremor all over my body and I felt as if my body had dissolved into airy nothingness and that I was unembodied soul. I cannot say how many minutes this trance lasted, as at that moment time to say have any value ......all that I felt was supreme peace, bliss and pleasure of the extraordinary kind. This was followed by a partial setback when the Shabd that had dis-appeared in the trance re-appeared. I tried to move my hands and feet, but I could not; it almost looked that they were there but beyond the bindings of my mind and will. This was followed by re-appearance of light and dis­appearance of Shabd and I felt once more as if my body had dissolved and that I was an un-embodied soul and that is all. This alternation took place three or four times --- I cannot exactly remember how many times. Such a state of bliss is entirely beyond words, but it was palpably there --- far too real to be an illusion. And when the above state was over, I felt as I had a peep into the Infinite and as if the curtains had fallen far too rapidly.

This in the briefest possible words is the new experience of my life --- an experience which is too much for me to keep hidden entirely to myself. Even though, it may look presumptuous on my part to write all this, yet I feel, as it were, compelled to put this experience in writing and more particularly to communicate the same to you as I know that experience recorded is experience partly repeated. I had read in the Adi-Granth of this Vismadic state but I could never imagine what the words signified. And I feel compelled to…

Celebrating the Life and Works of Bhai Sahib Bhai Sher Singh MSc Kashmir

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