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The Khalsa or the Elect - Sher Singh MSc Kashmir

Akal Sahai

The Khalsa or the Elect

SHER SINGH, M.Sc., Kashmir.

The Daily Akali Patrika Lahore.

A very popular Punjabi Daily of the Sikhs.

The Daily Akali Patrika has served the country in general and the Panth in particular in its national struggle and has always advocated the cause of Panth in all political, Religious and social matters. It is the duty of every Sikh to subscribe to this paper and render his or her little bit of help in making it firm footed.

General Manager,
Brandreth Road, Lahore.

          Our thanks are due to S. Har-Narain Singh and S. Gurdev Singh, Chiefs of Padaur for their kindness and the support, which they have kind enough to lend to the Society. I on my own behalf and on behalf of the Sikh Tract Society take this opportunity to convey warmest thanks to the young Sardars for their love and respect for the Sikh literature and Parchar.



(i)              The wonders of the heavens.
(iii)        The wonders of embryology.
8.    HOLD FAST.
9.    Conclusion.

Celebrating the Life and Works of Bhai Sahib Bhai Sher Singh MSc Kashmir

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