Sunday, 20 October 2013

1. The Khalsa or the Elect (Our Master: Guru Gobind Singh)

The Khalsa or the Elect

Address to Young Sikhs assembled at Lahore.


Our Master.

Khalsa Youngmen assembled in this momentous meeting in the history of our Panth, I greet you in the name of our Founder and Master: Guru Gobind Singh. Brethren, we are our bones of His bones, flesh of his flesh, spirit of His deathless Spirit. The father lives in the son, so does the great Guru live in the ever-young Khalsa Commonwealth which he founded to perpetuate the cause which was dearest and nearest to his heart. I mean propagation of righteousness and dispelling the dark clouds of evil, tyranny and oppression. The Guru lives in us, for we are yet only of the earth, but the Saviour came from the heavens and has returned to the heavens. He is here, there, and everywhere, only if we had the eyes to see Him; He is up with the sun every morning, when the sun bathes the dark earth in its golden shower of light; He permeates the warm breeze which invigorates the earth and makes it thrill with life; He pulsates with every ebb and flow of the tides and with such churning-sticks. He has discovered for your from the depths of the Ocean the priceless jewel of the Guru Granth; He is there in the uppermost heaven as also in the marrow of the atom; in us, within us, above us, underneath us; across us, athwart us; in time and above time; in space and above space; from day to day; from aeon to aeon to endless eternity! Our Master and our Founder Guru Gobind Singh is ever young and represents the very acme of perfection! What is young is healthy, what is healthy is beautiful, and what is beautiful is glorious, and what is glorious is godly. Our great Guru Gobind Singh is, therefore, all-health, all-beauty, all glory, all-spirit because He is youth par excellence. Consider His career from the day when He was hardly nine to the time when he entrusted a part of His mission to Banda Bahadur, preparatory to his return to the heavens, and you find that in this period of close upon three decades, the Guru is one unique embodiment of Life, of energy and spirit which are ever characteristic of youth. Such is then, our Master whom we all revere with all our heart and soul, and to follow whom through in His footsteps, so as He did, work as He worked and triumph as He triumphed. 

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