Sunday, 20 October 2013

The Khalsa or the Elect (Personal experience the greatest of all arguments.)

3.   Personal experience is the greatest of all arguments.

Youngmen! I will not bore you with further argument, for arguments are at best gilded coins; their gold coating is shallow and skin-deep, and for every argument you can produce counter-argument, or at any rate a semblance of it, as they do in the courts where there is no end to arguments. But the final arbiter in all such matters is the heart, and I ask you to dive deep in your heart and to explore the depths of your internal ocean, and down, deep-down in your bosom you will, no doubt, find the priceless pearl: the Nirankar. But I know you are yet young, you have yet acquired the art of swimming, not speak of diving, and until then you must depend on your elders, on the incontrovertible evidence of those whom we call Bhais or Gurmukhs. They will not deceive you or else you would not call them good-men. Above you, you have your Anchor-sheet of all anchors, I mean the word, the unimpeachable witness of Guru Granth who is verily our Incarnate-Guru, the Guru-impersonal who, for that very reason, is destined to live for all time. That Guru asks you to try everything; search every thing; it goes so far as to assert that you should believe your own Guru, if necessary! — God forbid! — until you have realised the truth in your own person!! But a day will come in your life as it has come in the life of all Bhais, when the mystery of heaven and earth will be revealed unto you, when the highest heaven will bare its bosom to you and the lowest-hall will unfold its secrets to you, yea, when the stars will beacon you from the blue, and when the atoms and electrons will speak to you from behind the veil of matter, when meteors and nebular mist will kiss you from behind the azure blue, when you will have your bath in this Amritsar on earth as also in that Pool of Immortality in which Dhru bathes daily in the heavens and when you will no longer be of earth or matter or dross, but heavenly, angelic, the Khalsa, the pure, the dross-less spirit and then and then alone you will realise the glory of being administered Guru Gobind Singh’s Pahul — for that is the key which unlocks to you the secrets of heaven! Those who are not yet initiated, those who have not yet sipped the Honey-Nectar of His love, those who are yet half, not whole, I ask them, I invite them to love themselves in the Guru-given Amrit, for that alone can make Man out of us, weak boys until then we may call ourselves disciples (Sikhs), but let us not contaminate the holy term: Khalsa, for the Khalsa is all-gold, unalloyed, unadulterated, unadulterable. 

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